The main purpose of these rankings is to provide theprospect applicant of MBA school an overall idea about the quality and standard of the school. Thereby, it is essential for each applican to know about few key criterias that are analyses before a ranking is determined.

Listed below are the common criteria studied by various  sources;

-Have the MBA'S achieved their goals?

-Evaluating the return on the costs spent for the MBA: This is calculated by  using the salary earned by alumni three years after the MBA and course costs

- How many students found strong placements in larger companies after graduation through the school.

-Number of international students

-Experience and Quality of their faculty

- An average of nest three years salaries after graduation

- Would  Alumni who have been successful in their firms after graduatioin hire candidates from their own school?

-Did the school provide their Alums international mobility after graduation through their jobs?

-The percentage increase in compensation  from the start of the MBA to 3 years after graduation.

-Evaluating whether the  alumni has moved up toa senior position n their company after few years of graduation. The copany profile is also taken intoaccount when this factor is analysed.